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Piri Ratana

Ranking: 10/10

He has served my family and late mothers needs diligently for 25 years and we are exceptionally grateful.

Reviewed 12 months ago

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Fi Kos

New Zealand

Ranking: 1/10

Last month I made a booking over the phone, and was clear on what I wanted and would be getting. My husband collected the rental for me, an hour before I was due to go away. I was shocked to find it was not what I had booked. It was old and tired. The interior was coated in dog hair. The driver's arm rest was jammed up, so was useless. This was rather inconvenient for the 4 hour drive ahead of me. I phoned to ask why I had been given this vehicle, and was told that the vehicle I had booked had broken down. The staff member was extremely rude and sarcastic. I was told I could return the vehicle for a full refund, but that they could do nothing else about it. I had 6 passengers packed and waiting, and a deadline to meet at my destination, so decided to get over myself and just get on the road. The car made a shuddering sound for a lot of the journey, and the smell that came out of the air con (sort of like wet dog) was sickening. The dashboard was grimy and dusty. The following morning, we discovered one of the tyres was flat. Matthew Rentals did help by organising someone to come and fix it, but that was only after I once again expressed my dissatisfaction with the entire experience I'd had so far and basically demanded they help. The tyre man said the spare tyre wasn't pumped up enough so wasn't actually safe. I have tried to correspond with Matthew Rentals, but they have chosen to ignore 2 emails and I have just sent them a third. I feel I have no choice but to spread the word of their absolute lack of customer service skills. I requested a partial refund, given that I was not provided with the car I had actually booked and paid for, but they have ignored me. Overall, I would never recommend you use this company. If they had shown some professionalism and respect, I would not have written this review.

Reviewed over 5 years ago

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