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Good Clean Fun NZ - Nature Tours in New Zealand
Good Clean Fun NZ - Nature Tours in New Zealand
Good Clean Fun NZ - Nature Tours in New Zealand
Good Clean Fun NZ - Nature Tours in New Zealand


See the NZ that other tourists miss! Discover New Zealand nature at its best in small groups with great guides. Avoid the beaten track, commercial traps, high prices and feeling like just another tourist. What is your dream holiday? We can do it!

Nature and people are our focus and passion - we have many years experience in taking people around New Zealand. We look forward to helping you fall in love with New Zealand and have the holiday of a lifetime!

Our points of difference:

Nature focus. We genuinely love NZ nature and are saddened when we see visitors seeing the commercial attractions and not much else. There is so much more! We don't get paid any kind of commission to take you to certain places, so as a result, we take you to the BEST places! And many of them have been undiscovered by other tourists.

Small group sizes. You won't be stuck in a bus with 40 other people, but be in a group of no more than 8. And we will do far more than sit in a bus! We want you to experience NZ nature, not just drive through it.

Everything provided. Most tour groups only cover the cost of some meals and activities. With us, what you pay is ALL you need to pay - we provide everything for your whole time with us. You still get a lot of flexibility in choice and when you compare prices, you'll be amazed!

Affordable tour prices. We are shocked at how much some people charge for other tours! Do the research - you will not find anyone offering what we are for such low prices.

Meeting YOUR needs. Whether we tailor-make a tour for you or you join a set tour, we want to do all we can to help you have the kind of holiday you want. Tell us what you want to do and we will try to make it happen! From camping in the wild to five star hotels, along with everything in between, we will take you on the kind of holiday that you want.

Authentic Experience. As much as possible, we will show you the REAL New Zealand, not just what is put on for tourists. Imagine that a good friend is showing you around their country - that’s the feeling we want you to get with us rather than feeling like just another person on just another tour.

Child friendly or child free options. Whether you want to bring the kids or take a break from them, we are happy to meet your needs.

Small Family business. Good Clean Fun NZ is a daughter and parent's vision and passion. We’re not the biggest and this will never make us rich, but we do this because we love it! As we tour we also aim to support other small businesses in communities we visit.

All our options include:

•All food, accommodation and transport.

•Small, intimate group sizes. Maximum of 8 people, but a group booking of up to 10 is acceptable.

•Entry fees for all scheduled activities, as well as flexibility for you to partake in other activities of your choice.

•Quiet and comfortable accommodation, whether you want to sleep in a tent, cabin, motel or hotel. Up to you.

•Family-friendly and family-free options - if you want to travel with or without children in your group, we can arrange it.

•Flexibility - if we discover that everyone in your group has a preference for something, we can change our plans. No worries, mate!

•Weather consideration - while we operate rain or shine, we will adjust our activities to best fit the weather.

•Tour-bus ice-cream guarantee - every time we stop in the same place as a tour-bus, we will buy you all an ice-cream! It’s a win-win situation - we want to keep away from the crowds but on the rare occasion where we meet, you get a treat!

About Good Clean Fun NZ

We are a friendly and personal tour guiding company that seeks to provide the following:

Good value for money, good locations, good to the environment, good to local communities, good memories and experiences with good tour guides. We want you to have a good experience with us and leave us having made some good friends!

Clean, green, sustainable touring is our goal; the kind of travel that seeks to leave only footprints for the next generation and take only memories for ourselves. We want to share the nature that is unique to New Zealand and stay off the beaten track as much as possible.

Fun is most enjoyed when it is not at anyone else’s expense, when it is good and clean. We can provide the fun that comes with wide-eyed discovery of new vistas, daring to stretch ourselves in the great outdoors, sometimes sleeping in a tent far away from the nearest town and enjoying time together around a glowing bush television. (Camp fire).

Our target market is people who love the outdoors and wish to see the nature of New Zealand in good company. We work well with all ages and nationalities - if you want to enjoy nature in New Zealand, you will fit right in with us!

We also want to retain the flexibility to offer everything from day-trips out of the Auckland area to tailor-made tours around the country for up to a week or even longer. Groups are deliberately kept small to underscore our commitment to the personal touch. You can’t enjoy nature in a crowd.

Other values:

The main value that drives us is ‘Do for others what you would have them do for you.’ Good Clean Fun NZ offers the kind of trips that we know we would love, and we aim to treat you in the same ways that we would love to be treated ourselves every day.

After being impacted by a little book called ‘Fish’ a few years ago, we have also adopted the following four values as very close to our hearts:

Be There - We want to be fully present when we are with you, not distracted by other things or offering you a half-hearted service. When we lose the passion for this, we will stop the business.

Play - We love what we do and we want you to enjoy yourselves too. Life is a serious thing but we plan to have fun as we live it!

Make Their Day - or, as we like to think of it, ‘Others are It!’ We have discovered that life is so much more of a delight to live when others are the focus. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing you have created a special moment for someone.

Choose Your Attitude - We can’t choose our circumstances, but we can choose how we react to them. Our attitudes are up to us, and we choose to have positive ones.

So that’s us! If you like what we stand for, have a look at our website and let us help you design the best tour for you.

We would love to help you experience some Good Clean Fun in New Zealand nature with us!


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Debby Wilson's avatar

Debby Wilson

New Zealand

Ranking: 1/10

Never stay at alpine view hoilday park they owners are thieves and not well liked by pernmant residents living there the facilities are dirty not cleaned to hygiene standards two residents took thousands of dollars from another resident went to court and now employed at the park I lived in my own caravan paid for plumbing to be put in and built a awning from wood upon my breast cancer dignoisis I found everything had been stolten from my site the owner knows who took it please don't stay here they drink alcohol like fish become angry aggression abusive I think a enquiry into park management and police checks should be made on all residents before opening up the park again the owners are very old and can barely walk with bad attitude towards people

Reviewed over 2 years ago and experienced in January 2017

merry's avatar


United Kingdom

Ranking: 10/10

I had such a good time. Shirley was an excellent guide and we had a great great trip. I would thoroughly recommend Good clean fun as superb way of travelling through New Zealand particularly if you are a single traveller. I would certainly go again and it was excellent value with all expenses paid for up front so you had nothing to worry about. Really lovely small business that treat you like welcome friends.

Reviewed almost 9 years ago and experienced in February 2011

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mwenger's avatar


United States

Ranking: 10/10

Shirley and her company GoodCleanFunNZ came through on every promise (including the ice cream/tour bus guarantee). The value of this trip far exceeded the price we paid, and we thoroughly appreciated the considerate guiding which we were provided. Two weeks to see both North & South islands were amazing! Of course we couldn't see it all, but what we saw was wonderful! The meals Shirley created for us were delicious, and the pace was just right...we could never have planned such a trip for ourselves.

Reviewed about 9 years ago

tokkiha's avatar


Korea, Republic of

Ranking: 10/10

I'll join any tours with this company again and again. :D

1. They know what they are doing and try to accomodate/facilitate tourists.

2. Small group provides you with friendly atmosphere.

3. Annoying big tour buses = Ice Cream. Not only this, traveling with this co. will give you the opportunity of looking at a different perspective.

4. Eco friendly.

5. You'll get all your $' worth & more.

Reviewed about 9 years ago

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besims's avatar


United States

Ranking: 10/10

If you enjoy being "one with nature," you will love Good Clean Fun! We traveled in a comfortable van, stayed part of the time camping in a tent, and part at Holiday Parks. Shirley and George made us feel like long-time friends. They shared their keen knowledge and appreciation for NZ along the way. They tailored our tour to meet our desires and activities in which we were interested. Also, they made sure we had delicious meals! We were fortunate to have mostly fine, clear weather, which made the experience even better.

Reviewed about 9 years ago and experienced in October 2010

stroupies's avatar


United States

Ranking: 10/10

This was an amazing experience. If you thought New Zealand was a special place wait until you see it through George and Shirly's eyes. They made us feel like we were camping with friends while at the same time giving us memories that we will probably never forget. It truely felt like vacation because you didn't have to worry about food, lodging, and driving. You could totally relax. We really appreciated their flexibility since we were traveling with a baby.

Reviewed about 9 years ago and experienced in December 2010

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nims's avatar



Ranking: 10/10

GoodcleanfunNZ gave me an excellent nature tour of both islands of NZ-away from the crowds. Fun, economical,good company and wild nature at it's pristine best. Camping in the wild, walking in wonderful forests and on snowy mountain tops-great meals, safe driving-these guys do it all. Can't recommend them too highly.

Reviewed about 9 years ago

vpeevor's avatar



Ranking: 10/10

The tour we went on from 8-22 February was amazing. We were cared for from start to finish and the small group meant we could all get to know one another and become friends. We were shown delightful parts of New Zealand and travelled in comfort, with an expert guide who took a personal interest in us all. I thoroughly recommend Good Clean Fun NZ.

Reviewed about 9 years ago